Yahrzeit candle prayer

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Yahrzeit candle prayer

On the yahrzeit of a loved one, many people light a yahrzeit candle in their memory.
The yahrzeit candle is lit from the shabbat candles before the beginning of the shabbat service.
The yahrzeit candle is then placed in a special holder called a yahrzeit lamp.
The holder is usually placed on the mantel in the home or near the gravesite of the loved one.


What is Yahrzeit?

Yahrzeit (yaht-TSITE) is a commemoration of the anniversary of a loved one’s death.
It is observed on the Hebrew calendar date of the death, or on the closest Sabbath day. Yahrzeit candles are lit and prayers are said.
The purpose of Yahrzeit is to remember and pray for the soul of the departed.


The history of the Yahrzeit candle

It is often lit on the evening of the day of death, and is kept burning for 24 hours.
The Yahrzeit candle is typically white, and is lit in addition to the regular Sabbath candles.

The history of the Yahrzeit candle can be traced back to medieval times.
Originally, it was simply a candle that was lit in honor of the deceased.
Over time, a special prayer was added to commemorate the anniversary of a loved one’s death.
The Yahrzeit candle has since become an integral part of the Jewish mourning tradition.


The symbolism of the Yahrzeit candle

A special candle is lit on this day, called a Yahrzeit candle.
The flame is meant to symbolize the continued presence of the deceased, and remind those who are mourning that they are not alone.
The candle is also said to help light the way for the soul of the departed as it journeys to heaven.

The Yahrzeit candle is often placed in a prominent spot in the home, where it can be seen and remembered throughout the year.

How to light a Yahrzeit candle

There are specific instructions for lighting a yahrzeit candle.
The candle should be placed in a holder, and the holder should be placed on a table or countertop.
The wick of the candle should be at the top, and the flame should be facing up.
The person lighting the candle should say the following prayer:

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who sanctifies us with His commandments and commands us to kindle the yahrzeit light.”

Then, one should say the name of the deceased three times.


What to say when lighting a Yahrzeit candle

When lighting a yahrzeit candle, some people say a prayer.
Here is one possible prayer:

“God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we remember our loved one who has passed away.
Grant them eternal peace and may they be remembered forever in your loving memory.

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