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by israelnow_jsw1io

Locusview, an Israeli digital construction management company, has completed a $64 million Series A financing round led by Israel Growth Partners.
IGP participated alongside existing investors, raising $80 million.


Introduction: What is Locusview?

Locusview is a digital construction management software that enables users to manage construction projects from start to finish.
The software helps users keep track of all aspects of their project, from the initial planning stages to the finished product. Locusview also helps users save time and money by streamlining communication and coordination between team members.


How does Locusview work?

Locusview is a digital construction management system that uses GPS tracking and 3D modeling to help construction managers and builders stay on schedule and on budget.
It works by compiling data from GPS trackers on equipment and vehicles, as well as 3D scans of the construction site, to create a real-time model of the project.
This allows managers to see how the project is progressing and identify potential problems before they become costly or time-consuming.
Locusview also provides tools for scheduling work crews, estimating costs, and creating reports.
It has helped many construction projects stay on track, including the new World Trade Center in New York City.




What are the benefits of using Locusview?

Locusview is a construction management software that offers a wide range of benefits to users in the construction industry. With Locusview, contractors can manage their projects more efficiently and effectively, reducing the chances of costly mistakes and delays.
Locusview also helps users stay organized and on schedule by providing real-time updates on project progress.
Additionally, Locusview makes it easier to collaborate with team members and stakeholders, resulting in a more seamless construction process.
Overall, Locusview is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in construction projects big or small.



The article’s conclusion discusses the benefits of using Locusview for construction project management.
By using the software, contractors and construction managers can save time and money while also improving communication and collaboration among team members.
In addition, Locusview provides a comprehensive view of all construction projects, enabling users to make better decisions and take corrective action quickly if necessary.

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