Israel bordering countries

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Borders of Israel

Israel has borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. There are also some shared borders with the Palestinian territories.
This section focuses on the countries bordering Israel.

Israel is a small country that lies in the Middle East. As a result, it has an intense rivalry with some of its bordering countries – Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.
The United Nations has designated Israel as occupying territory in its Resolution 2334 which was passed on December 23rd 2016.
The country has been fighting a war with Palestine after they declared their independence in 1988.

Israel’s borders are mostly surrounded by unstable countries that have been going through major political changes recently such as North Korea, Iraq, Iran and Syria among others.
Israel also shares borders with two other Arab countries – Egypt and the Gaza Strip which is under Palestinian control but Israeli forces still control the land surrounding it including the airport and seaport.

israel bordering countries

What are the Current Relationships between Israel and the Syria, Iran, and Gaza?

The relationship between Israel and Iran has been one of tension for more than 30 years.
In the past few years, Iran has continued to push its aggressive agenda,
causing a lot of tension in the Middle East.
In recent years, this relationship has been on the backburner because of the increased hostilities between Israel and Iran,
but now with President Trump as US president and his new strategy against ISIS, it seems will be back in the spotlight.
The history between these two countries is fraught with conflict because they are constantly competing for land and influence in an already-complicated region.

The current relationship between Israel and Iran is tense and complicated. Iran has been a military foe of Israel for decades.
Iran is currently governed by the Shiites, who are at odds with the neighboring Sunni blocs. The two countries have also been engaged in a series of wars for over 30 years.

In this part, I will discuss how the United States has complicated the relationship between Israel and Iran by its involvement in Middle-Eastern affairs.

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